3D PU Leather Car Seat Cover For Audi A4 Quattro Full Set/Front Cushion Interior

3D PU Leather Car Seat Cover For Audi A4 Quattro Full Set/Front Cushion Interior

3D PU Leather Car Seat Cover For Audi A4 Quattro Full Set/Front Cushion Interior

3D PU Leather Car Seat Cover For Audi A4 Quattro Full Set/Front Cushion Interior. 3D PU Leather & Breathtable Fabric. Airbag Compatible & Storage Pockets. Fixing method of seat covers. Stereoscopic 3D PU Leather Car Seat Covers Cushions Wear-resistant.

Our bench seat cover connection part use the velcro, distinguished others use the zipper connect, we're more easy to install and adjust length. We have kept enough space for the airbag, the seat belt slot also has been reserved, do not affect side air bags to come out in emergency and use of the seat belt; It well integrated into the original car. The 3D PU leather designed with simple and classic elements, use unique embroidery technology, the colorful surface smooth lines adds a splash of color to your interior.

Surface material made of high quality faux leather which is soft, durable and waterproof, delicacy perforations bring breathable comfort experience. The middle part use high rebound sponge, create top resilience for maximum comfort during your drive. Non-slip fabric is used on the bottom layer, keep the covers in place so you can get in and out worry free. Installation instructions are included in the product package, but we do suggest you to watch our easy instruction videos, takes 10-20 minutes then your car will get a whole new look and feel.

These protective covers are universal Audi A4 Quattro and suitable for various seats. However, we cannot guarantee that it will fit perfectly, because the effect is affected by the shape and size of the car seat. Specification: Model: T03 Product Name: 3D Leather Car Seat Covers Color: Black / Black&Brown / Black&Red / Black&Red Line Material: High Quality 3D PU Leather Features: Cushioned, Wear-resistant, Storage Pouch, Soft Placement on Vehicle: Front, Left, Right, Second Row, Rear. 2 3D PU Leather & Breathable Front Seat Covers.

5 Seat Full Set 3D PU Leather & Breathable Seat Covers. How to install the front and back car seat covers set? Slide the cover over the headrest to the bottom seat. Slid the round loops to the rear of the seat and tuck them in so that it comes out the back. Place bottom of seat cover on bottom seat, pull each side of seat cover straps with buckle back of the front seat, clip them.

Fasten the elastic clips under the seat with supplied hooks. Place the neck pillow on both headrests. Place bottom of rear seat cover, pull edge skirt completely cover, fix middle part on both separated seat covers. Insert the straps with buckles and round loops of the seat cover back, open your rear bottom car seat, clip the strap buckles, close it. Slide the back cover over the headrest, adjust it well.

The Necessity of Car Seat Covers. Are you still worried about getting your car seats dirty or scratched because of the ride, keys, rings, chains, children and pets?

Are you still worrying about the stains or damage on the original car seats? Are you still thinking about how to improve the appearance of your car seats?

>> Please rest assured that our car seat covers will meet all the above requirements. With excellent Anti-slip and wear-resistance, the seat cover can protect the seat from external pollution and damage, which will extend the seat service life. Secondly, it can be uesd to cover the existing defects of the seat, making your car interior like new and stylish. Additionally, it may bring sweat and dirt to the seat every time you drive or ride.

So the detachable seat cover will facilitate your cleaning and maintenance, and prevent the dust and debris in the car from affecting your health. The car seat covers are necessary for comprehensive protection of seats and passengers!

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3D PU Leather Car Seat Cover For Audi A4 Quattro Full Set/Front Cushion Interior

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